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Pet Food 101 Topic #1 - Pet Nutrition Matters!

It is clear that our customers and a growing slice of our society at large now value pets more as family members than mere possessions. Therefore, if we care to do the best that we can for our pets’ overall health and well-being, it makes sense to make good decisions about what our pets eat!

It is often said that we are what we eat, and the same logic holds true for the animals that are under our care. Diet has a major impact on the overall health of your pet, and evidence is emerging that carefully fed pets are happier, less expensive to maintain (lower vet bills) and may even live longer lives!

A healthy pet is a happy pet that bears positive external signs of health that you can see! Solid nutrition provides the building blocks for optimal energy level and lean body weight (when fed the proper amount!) from a metabolic standpoint. Physical signs of health produced by a better diet include healthy teeth, clear eyes, strong joints, soft skin and a coat that is shiny and doesn’t shed at high volumes throughout the year (twice annual shedding during spring and fall is normal as your pet’s coat prepares for weather changes).

On the inside, high quality nutrition can help to provide protection against the development of common ailments. Better pet foods:

1) DO NOT have added artificial preservatives (like BHA/BHT/Ethoxyquin) that may be implicated in the development of cancer and DO contain antioxidants that help scavenge free radicals that can cause cellular damage,

2) DO NOT contain cheap grain fillers or added sugars that add excess carbohydrates to the diet that may cause obesity and/or diabetes,

3) DO NOT contain low quality grains with high gluten content that may contribute to food-related allergies that trigger skin, ear infection or digestive issues,

4) DO NOT have excessive levels of ash and mineral content and an improper pH balance that can lead to common urinary tract issues such as stones, while they

5) DO have higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and beneficial compounds such as glucosamine and chondroitin that support the development and maintenance of healthy joint tissue.

One of the most important roles our store plays in our community is to help pet owners understand why the quality of your pet’s food matters! A solid rule of thumb is that you usually get what you pay for – many cheap foods will fall short of following the principles discussed above.

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If you have any questions about your pet’s diet, please e-mail us at, or call the Eagle store at 208-939-8119 or the Meridian store at 208-392-1049!