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Our Pet Food Philosophy is Simple - Just Carry the Best!

Pet Food Brands

When you buy pet food at Northwest Pets, you will have an easy time finding a high quality diet for your dog or cat, because we only carry what we believe to be the best brands available!

While salespeople have tried to sell us inferior products many times in the past just to "make a buck," we evaluate every food we stock, whether dry kibble, raw or canned, against a strict set of criteria.  Our pet foods (and their respective manufacturers) must have:

1) Ingredients sourced from reputable regions, with a strong emphasis on the United States, Europe and New Zealand.

2) Professionally managed manufacturing facilities, with a steady eye on product quality and safety.

3) Formulation with NO grain fillers (such as corn, wheat or soy), NO meat by-products, NO artificial flavors or colors, and NO added sweeteners.

4) A corporate focus on putting resources toward the best quality ingredients in the bag of food, versus inflated spending on flashy television, print, or web advertising campaigns.

While we clearly understand that the cost of better pet foods has gone up substantially with the inflation of food ingredient prices in recent years, we truly believe that you get the most for your money when you put your pet on a high quality, healthy diet.  Better quality foods feed more efficiently (you feed far less than cheap foods on a daily basis) and keep your pet in better health, which can help cut your vet bills substantially!

If you have any general questions about pet food or would like suggestions about moving your pet to a healthier diet, give us a call at 208-939-8119 (Eagle) or 208-392-1049 (Meridian) today!

We stock the following brands of food in our physical stores, with many more available by special order.  Limited brands and bag sizes are available for online purchase.

Follow the links below for more information!


Active Care


BFF (Best Feline Friend)



California Natural





Fussie Cat

Holistic Select



Natural Balance

Nature's Variety Prairie/Instinct (Raw, Dry, & Freeze Dried)

Northwest Naturals (Raw)




Premium Edge

Primal (Raw)


Rad Cat

Solid Gold

Stella & Chewy's (Raw & Freeze Dried)

Taste of the Wild

The Honest Kitchen (Dehydrated)

Tiki Cat