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Meet Our Dogs

Doing the absolute best for our dogs Willow and Teddy was the original inspiration for opening Northwest Pets.  We strive to meet the same goal for your cherished pets each and every day!


Bernese Mountain Dog - aka "Q-Dog, Q-Bert, Q-Bacca, Barky Von Schnauzer"

Quincy arrived 3 days after Christmas in 2008 from Blue Mountain Bernese in Boise. "Q-Dog" was very vocal at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinnertime (he had a built-in mealtime alarm), and couldn't help but try to steal your flip-flop, shoe, or slipper right out from under your foot!

Wherever his people were was where Quincy wanted to be - he was definitely your pal, especially if you had some food on hand (pancakes and waffles highly preferred).  He was incredibly hairy, a true pro at delivering the "mopey eyes" look, and a prolific talker.  If you heard barking upstairs at the Eagle store or from the back room in Meridian, now you know who it was!

Quincy fought a short, but brave battle with cancer that ended on a beautiful Spring Sunday in 2016.  We are quite sure that Quincy and Willow are having a heck of a bark-off in doggie heaven, with Teddy looking on with amusement!


Bernese Mountain Dog - aka "T-Dog, Mr. T, Buzz Buzz"

We brought Teddy home when Willow was three years old (and he drove her crazy - which was a little bit of payback!). A handsome and loveable goofball to the core, he loved squeaky toys (to their quick death), bouncing around the family room after the vacuum cleaner, licking ice cream bowls with abandon, guarding waffles on the kitchen counter, and laying his big noggin on any lap available.

Teddy finished his AKC championship a few months before his third birthday and was just about the best buddy that you could imagine. He lost a four month battle with canine lymphoma in July, 2008, a few months shy of his 7th birthday. Ted is the namesake of our "Ted-e-Club" and is greatly missed to this day - he went way too soon and there will never be another one quite like him. Our hearts are full of great memories of him and Willow.


Bernese Mountain Dog - aka "Willie, Old Willer, [What You Talkin' Bout] Willis"

Our first "Berner" and original store greeter, Willow tried her hardest to make it to her 10th birthday (a ripe old age for a Bernese Mountain Dog). She lost her fight against a blood disorder in June, 2008.

Willow was quite a handful as a puppy - a very up-tempo girl who was always barking, jumping, biting, digging - you name it!  She settled down as she grew older, but always kept two keen eyes peeled for EVERYTHING that was going on around her.  Willow loved coming to the store in her senior years, sampling treats, sleeping right in the middle of the store floor like a rug - and most of all, greeting our awesome customers. She gave us a lifetime worth of unconditional love and is sorely missed by her human family and the Northwest Pets team that got to work with her every day.

Without Willow coming into our lives, there would be no Northwest Pets!