At Northwest Pets, we continously scout the pet products landscape to bring you new and exciting products that can make life with your pets easier, more economical, more fun, and more fulfilling.  Our quest to find the best new products brings us to this month's product spotlight on TICK-SR, a safe and simple way to remove ticks from your pets!

By now, most people realize that ticks are more than just gross and nasty little creatures - they can carry and transfer debilitating conditions such as Lyme Disease.  TICK-SR (or Safe Release) is a new product that dissolves the glue-like substance that helps the tick attach to your dog or cat.  TICK-SR also pushes the blood away from the tick's feeding tube, also known as the hypostome, and mouth parts. After removing the food supply and dissolving the glue, the tick can be easily removed. TICK-SR also destroys bacteria and helps to prevent infection.

TICK-SR is very easy to use!  Just apply a pre-moistened wipe or a cotton ball saturated with TICK-SR solution to the attachment point of the tick while gently pulling as close to the mouth parts as possible.  Most ticks, even those that have been attached for periods of 24 hours, can be removed in 5 minutes or less.

Whether you choose TICK-SR in bottles or pre-moistened towelettes, it is super easy to take along with you during travels near and far.  The wipes are especially convenient to throw in your pocket or pack when you are camping, hiking, or simply on an outing to the local park.

Perhaps the best thing about TICK-SR is that it is made from safe and proven ingredients like Denatured Alcohol, Purified Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid, and Benzalkonium Chloride.  Salicylic Acid is commonly found in skin care products - it breaks the bond that helps the tick attach to a dog. Witch hazel is an astringent extracted from plants - it pushes blood away from the surface and removes the tick's food supply. Benzalkonium Chloride is a common ingredient found in disinfectants such as Bactine - it destroys bacteria, cleans the puncture wound, and helps to prevent infection. Denatured Alcohol acts as a solvent and as an antiseptic.

For a great demonstration of how TICK-SR works, check out this YouTube review of TICK-SR by Nikki Moustaki, author of a noted pet products blog.  Nikki shows just how easy it is to remove ticks from your pet with TICK-SR without ever having to touch the tick!

TICK-SR is available now at Northwest Pets store locations in Eagle and Meridian, Idaho or at northwestpets.com.  Buy soon and take 10% off your purchase of TICK-SR during our Fight the Bite promotion through the end of April!